Here you will find details about my amateur rocketry activities.

Rocketry Blog Entries

Unique Components for your Avionics Bay

The September / October issue of Sport Rocketry contained a article on making a Modular Avionics Bay (pg 35). The author used components by three small speciality companies that may prove useful in future high powered rockets: Rocket Junkies ( machined the metal bulkheads (custom) and provided the ejection charge wells (off-the-shelf) for the drogue […]

Water Bottle Rockets

I never thought much about water bottle rockets until I viewed a YouTube video on their use in Shields Lab’s virtual summer camp. The camp uses Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express for numerous coding projects and on day 5, the “launch” the CPEx as a flight recorder on a bottle rocket. Since many schools will […]

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