College of the Desert

College of the Desert, Palm Desert
Adjunct Faculty – Computer Information Systems

I teach a hands-on computer engineering workshop and summer STEM program for middle and high school students.

Workshop Projects:

  • Air Quality Monitoring Station using SparkFun’s environmental sensor, carbon monoxide sensor and Adafruit’s PM2.5 particulate sensor.
  • “Light Saber” using the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and a length of Neopixels encased in a clear plastic tube.
  • Autonomous Vehicle (JetBot) using the NVIDIA Jetson with machine vision and machine learning

Summer STEM Workshops:

Two week, 1/2 day workshops. Middle school students in the morning, high school students in the afternoon, same content for both. First week was instructions and hands-on exercises. Second week consisted of student projects and their presentations.

  • Introduction to Arduino Uno and Arduino IDE
  • Introduction to C Programming Language
  • Using Motors and Servos
  • Introduction to the Circuit Playground and MakeCode
  • Using Sensors in MakeCode
  • Laser Tag
  • Using the Circuit Playground Express with the Arduino IDE
  • Using NeoPixels
  • Using the Accelerometer
  • Music and Simon Game
  • Representative Student Projects:
    • Fusion Gem
    • Tilt Trumpet
    • Zombie Tag
    • Quick Draw
    • Hot Potato
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